Residential Buildings
Design of Second Units:
Second Units, also known as basement apartments, in law suits, accessory dwelling units are permitted in several residential zones across the city provided they are in compliance with the Zoning and Ontario Building Code. The main benefit of a legal basement apartment is that it can provide you with additional income and likely increase the overall value of your home.
A second suit:
- Consist of a self-contained set of rooms that can be used as an independent unit;
- Contain kitchen and bathroom facilities
- Has a means of access/egress that may be separated or shared with other unit
- Can be installed on any floor of a house
Design of Side/Rear Entrances:
We design side entrance, rear entrance for the existing buildings. Our services start with a site visit to assess the best location of the entrance into the building based on the required spaces to the property lines, structural framing of the building and requirements of the Ontario Building Code. 
Wall Removal
The interior walls of the building can be removed to provide an open concept space. The open concept combines multiple rooms in a single living space. For example, an open concept main floor would have a kitchen, dining room and living room in one shared space. You can enjoy more natural light at home, and potentially save in electricity during summer, enjoying as much as possible the daylight during winter. Site inspection and structural assessment are required to determine which walls that need to be removed is load-bearing and which one is not load-bearing. Removing a non-load bearing wall is less expensive since there is no need to design supporting beams/posts. However, for a load bearing wall, structural elements such as beams/posts need to be designed to support the joists sitting on a load bearing wall.
Design of Addition/Extension:
There is always the value that this particular type of renovation can bring to your home since having more square footage means that when the time comes to sell your house, you can get a better price for it. Design of addition/extension to your house starts with structural assessment of the existing building. The exterior walls of the building need to be removed/demolished to connect the new addition to the interior space within the existing building. The temporary support structures/framing need to be installed before removing an exterior load bearing wall. The structural framing of a new addition/extension need to be connected to the framing of the existing building.
Bungalow house located at 2 Belair Drive, Hamilton before Addition
Two story house located at 2 Belair Drive, Hamilton after Addition & Extension

Addition at Rear Two story house located at 4841 Credit View, Mississauga

Roof Framing Assessment for Solar Panels Installations
Our plans and calculations ensure that your roof can safely withstand the weight of the panels and your structure is safe for wind and earthquakes after the installation.
Other Design Services:

Railing (handrail & guardrail)
Underpinning to increase clear height of basements
Interior waterproofing systems for old houses
Shed, deck and porch
Interior and exterior staircase
Retaining walls
Detached Garage and Driveway
Site inspection report and sign off report
Industrial buildings
Design of Foundations for Industrial Buildings 
Design of different foundations such as, Matt, Spread and Strip footings for industrial buildings.

Reinforcing of roof framing for installation of Air handling units.
Structural assessment of existing roof framing need to be done to verify if the existing roof of the building is capable to take the extra load due to addition of loads from air handeling units. Reinforcing design drawings will be provided for existing roof framing.
Design of steel deck, open web steel joists and reinforcing of existing framings

Design of mezzanine, staircase and railing (Handrails & Guardrails)

Other Design Services:

Shop drawings prepration
Site inspection and sign off reports
Weld/Bolt Connection design
Extension and addition to existing building
Reinforcing of existing framings

Commercial buildings
Design of new buildings and renovation of existing structures
Change of Use:

City permits are required when there is a change of major occupancy in the building. We provide permit drawings to apply for change of use.
Other Design Services:

Shop drawings prepration
Site inspection and sign off reports
Extension and addition to existing building
Design of foundations